Psalms for All Seasons

Life is not monotonous. Our work, our school, our home… our bodies, our relationships, our opinions… each of our lives are a cocktail of experiences, and faith might mixes differently one day to the next.

The Psalms are an ancient Hebrew collection of poems, songs, and prayers. Despite their cheerful reputation, they address a wide range of human experience, from praise to lament and everything in between: a psalm for every season of life.

This year, River East will once again be partnering with Jubilee Mennonite Church for our summer worship series. Together, we will be taking closer look at the psalms, and how they might give words to God’s walk with us — no matter what the road may look like.

02 Jul, '17
Introducing the Psalms
Speaker: Bryce Miller
09 Jul, '17
Praise: "I love you"
Psalm 95
Speaker: Mary Anne Isaak
16 Jul, '17
Thanksgiving: "Thank you"
Psalm 136
Speaker: Emily Toews
23 Jul, '17
Confession: "I'm sorry"
Psalm 51
Speaker: Mary Anne Isaak
30 Jul, '17
Petition: "Help!"
Psalm 86
Speaker: Bryce Miller
06 Aug, '17
Lament: "Why?"
Psalm 13
Speaker: Aaron Thiessen
13 Aug, '17
Illumination: "I'm Listening"
Psalm 119
Speaker: Harold Jantz
20 Aug, '17
Service: "What can I do?"
Speaker: Sarah Klassen
27 Aug, '17
Blessing: "Bless you"
Psalm 103
Speaker: Aaron Thiessen