The Haunting Melody of Advent

Christmas is a time of the year that often carries a lot of weight. Be it joy, sorrow, or frantic busyness, it can quickly become a saturated season.

Yet, no matter where we find ourselves this Christmas, God is ever-present; a beautiful melody that we can never quite shake, reminding us of the bigger picture we are all a part of… if we have ears to listen.

This Christmas, as we wait with all our different weights, we ask, “Where is God’s song within the noise of our lives?” How can we live in tune with the haunting melody of Advent?

27 Nov, '16
First Advent
Habakkuk 1:1-4, 2:2-4, 3:17-19
Speaker: Lori Matties
04 Dec, '16
Second Advent
Esther 4:1-17
Speaker: Mary Anne Isaak
11 Dec, '16
Third Advent
Isaiah 42:1-9; Matt 12:15-21
Speaker: Music Sunday (no sermon)
18 Dec, '16
Fourth Advent
Psalm 23:1-4; Matt 1:18-25
Speaker: Jon Isaak
25 Dec, '16
Christmas Day
Luke 2:8-20; Psalm 95:6-7
Speaker: Aaron Thiessen
01 Jan, '17
Psalm 96:10-13; Matt 2:1-12
Speaker: Mary Anne Isaak