Coming (of) Age

During Epiphany, we consider that in Jesus, God is being made manifest in new and revolutionary ways… starting a new chapter in the history of the world, a ‘hinge’ in time upon which everything pivots.

While less dramatic, we too are entering a new chapter of history. We live in a time of new technology, new political landscapes, new social awareness, new church realities… How is God being made manifest in this new era?

In ‘Coming (of) Age,’ we shall revisit the teachings of Jesus as described in the book of Matthew, and read them with a special eye for how God is being made manifest here, today.

On the small scale, we may ask, how do Christ’s teachings on ‘wheat and weeds’ interact in our world of ‘us or them’? How does ‘Christ incarnate’ speak to our time of instant access and always-on devices? Where is the ‘kingdom’ of God in a colonizing world?

But on the larger scale, we declare that Christ is already present in all things… where do we look for assurance in our world of flux?

08 Jan, '17
1, 2, 3
Matthew 3:1-17
Speaker: Aaron Thiessen
15 Jan, '17
The Kingdom of Heaven is Near
Matthew 4:1-17
Speaker: Darryl Loewen, Executive Director of MCC
22 Jan, '17
Salt and Light
Matthew 5:1-20
Speaker: Connie Epp
29 Jan, '17
Lord, Teach us to Pray
Matthew 6:7-21
Speaker: Mary Anne Isaak
05 Feb, '17
Walking in Faith; Living in Hope
2 Corinthians 5:6-8
Speaker: Wanda Doerksen
12 Feb, '17
To Stroll on the Sea
Matthew 14:13-33
Speaker: Aaron Thiessen
19 Feb, '17
Risking Fat Weeds
Matt 13:24-45
Speaker: Mary Anne Isaak
26 Feb, '17
Church Retreat (No Service at River East)