Becoming Human

“I am mountain, I am dust / constellations made of us. / There’s glory in the dirt.
“The universe within the sand / eternity within a man.
“We are ocean, we are mist / brilliant fools who wound and kiss. / There’s beauty in the dirt.
“Wandering in skin and soul / searching, longing for a home…” — Gungor, I Am Mountain

There is something both beautiful and broken about being human. We can build and break, nurture and annihilate, love and lash out… each with power and ferocity, and sometimes each at the same time! What can this mean?

Christians confess that Jesus gave us not only a clear image of who God is, but also of what it means to be human. And the examples Jesus gave us are not always straightforward or easy. Often they may even seem to contradict our human nature! Was Jesus simply out-of-touch? … Or perhaps being human may not be something we already are… perhaps it is something Jesus calls us to become.

This Lent, we will be exploring many of the parables of Jesus as told in the Gospel of Matthew. It may be that there is a call in these stories for us not only to acknowledge our beauty and brokenness… but also to become more truly human.

05 Mar, '17
What if the Weeds are Dangerous?
Matthew 18:15-38
Speaker: Mary Anne Isaak
12 Mar, '17
Reckless Generosity
Matthew 20:1-16
Speaker: Aaron Thiessen
19 Mar, '17
Ordinary Motions and Narnia Moments
Mark 5:24-34
Speaker: Cheryl Pauls
26 Mar, '17
Troubling Bridegrooms
Matthew 25:1-30
Speaker: Wesley Toews
02 Apr, '17
The Sin of Certainty
Matthew 25:31-46
Speaker: Aaron Thiessen
09 Apr, '17
Palm Sunday
Matthew 21:1-13
Speaker: Mary Anne Isaak
14 Apr, '17
Good Friday Service
Speaker: No Sermon