50 States of Joy

When someone asks you to describe the Christian faith, what if the first word that comes to mind is JOY?

During Eastertide, our worship is practicing the joy of the resurrection. Practicing joy is an act of resistance to despair and its forces. This joy is a spontaneous reaction to good news! It’s also a stead state that doesn’t waver during the difficult times. It’s a fruit of the Spirit.

As longing becomes love
As night turns to day
Everything changes
Joy will find a way
- Cockburn

16 Apr, '17
Resurrection Sunday
Matthew 28:1-10
Speaker: Aaron Thiessen
23 Apr, '17
Joy Training
Matthew 28:16-20
Speaker: Mike Neufeld, Bible and Social Studies, MBCI
30 Apr, '17
Habits of Joy
Acts 10:1-17, 34-35
Speaker: Mary Anne Isaak
07 May, '17
Joy in Community
Acts 13:1-3, 14:8-18
Speaker: Kyle Rudge
14 May, '17
Joy, Wealth, and Poverty
Romans 1:1-17
Speaker: Aaron Thiessen
21 May, '17
Joy and Standing in God's Abundance
Romans 5:1-11
Speaker: Stories of Joy: Dave Dyck, Gerald Konrad
28 May, '17
Joy Rhythms of the Baptized Life
Romans 6:1-14
Speaker: Mary Anne Isaak