More than a Ghost

When and where have you felt the Spirit’s presence and movement in your life?

A question like this may stir a number of responses within us. Some of us may reflect on powerful, life-shaping stories. Some may describe unexpected moments in their every-day lives. Others still may choose to question the question: “what do you mean, ’presence and movement?”

How do you think Jesus would answer this question? What stories would He tell? What moments would He describe? What questions would He ask back to us?

For the next four weeks our services are packed full with the life of the church: new memberships, milestones, blessings, picnic and more. Yet, amidst these festivities, the Spirit moves — the divine intermingling with the human, more than a Ghost. This Pentecost, we celebrate the Spirit’s action in our community, while also drawing connections to the spirituality of Christ … that we may continue to be aware of the Spirit’s presence haunting our every movement.

04 Jun, '17
The Spirit With Us
John 16:4b-15; Acts 2:1-12
Speaker: New members' stories of transformation
11 Jun, '17
The Spirit in the Word
Luke 24:25-35
Speaker: Paul Doerksen
18 Jun, '17
The Spirit in Action: Blessing Sunday
Matthew 22:34-40
Speaker: Lori Matties
25 Jun, '17
The Spirit in Silence
Mark 6:30-44
Speaker: Mary Anne Isaak