A Knock at the Door

Take a moment. If you were to reflect on the times in your life where God Spirit felt most present, active, and real. How would you describe those moments?

Were they within careful examination of Scripture, encountering the richness of the text?
Did they arrive while surrendering yourself to the working of the Spirit, following Her lead?
Were they during contemplative practice, opening oneself to the mysteries of the Triune God?
Or did it pop up within concrete action, being transformed into Christ’s hands and feet in the world today?

The Spirit is always knocking on our doors, beckoning us into deeper relationship with God, inviting us to answer. Many of us has a favourite, well-worn door; one where we listen closely for God’s knocking and are practiced at opening. However, other entrances exist… some which may seem out-of-the-way to us… others which may seem bizarre, or maybe even frightening.

This Fall, we will be highlighting four different ‘doorways’ of Christian spirituality — Knowing, Seeking, Embracing, Working — and how God works through each of them to equip the entire Body of Christ. We encourage each of us to take stock and consider which door we tend to use most frequently. At the same time, we also wish to celebrate that each of us may be drawn to a different door… and that Christ welcomes each of us at every threshold.

10 Sep, '17
'Knowing' Spirituality
Acts 10:34-43
Speaker: Aaron Thiessen
17 Sep, '17
'Seeking' Spirituality
Gal 1:13-17; 2 Cor.12:1b-5; Acts 17: 26-28
Speaker: Gerry Ediger
24 Sep, '17
Speaker: N/A
01 Oct, '17
'Embracing' Spirituality
Acts 11:19-30
Speaker: Mary Anne Isaak
08 Oct, '17
'Working' Spirituality
Amos 5
Speaker: Aaron Thiessen