Plan to Protect resources and information

At River East, we take the safety of our vulnerable members and volunteers seriously. As such, we have a several policies to screen, train, and support our volunteers. This is to protect everyone involved in our church ministries.

Here you can find the necessary paperwork for volunteering at River East Church. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the office at (204)663-5096 or email at

For All Volunteers

All volunteers should familiarize themselves with the current Safe Place policy, as well as sign the Covenant of Care agreement corresponding to their age group:

Safe Place Policy
Covenant of Care
Covenant of Care for people under 19

For Ministry Leaders

Ministry Leaders are those volunteers who occupy regular positions of authority and trust over minors or other vulnerable people. For example: youth leaders or Sunday School teachers.

Application for Ministry Leaders

For Ministry Helpers

Ministry Helpers are those volunteers who only occasionally participate in a ministry, and do not hold the same authority as the Ministry Leaders. For example: a monthly story-teller in a Sunday School class, or an on-call driver for youth events.

Application for Ministry Helpers

Note that for both the Ministry Leaders and Ministry Helpers, references are required. Reference interviews will be conducted by church staff and held in confidence. If you are interested in what kinds of questions will be asked, this is what the reference form looks like.

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